Employees Of The Casino Barrière De Deauville Are On Strike

Right in front of the Deauville casino, employees expressed their dissatisfaction through a strike.

This approach aims to denounce very poor working conditions. The employees thus held up a large banner. This thirty employees with the FO and UNSA unions have thus decided to make themselves heard.

A mobilization in front of the Deauville casino

The UNSA and FO unions were mobilized in this strike. The latter expressed their concern about overtime and working conditions which are deteriorating day by day. This Saturday, August 8, 2015, union representative Sophie Gianni and UNSA representative Jérôme Cabieu affirmed that this mobilization follows the deterioration of the working conditions of employees of the Deauville casino and calls for fair negotiations.

The question that arises is to know: why this strike when, at the beginning of August, agreements have already been signed with three trade unions. These are FO, CFDT and CFTC. These agreements cover the following points:

  • The increase in wages
  • The reduction in the contribution from the mutual
  • The granting of an annual bonus for table activities.

In this strike, we note the absence of the two unions CFDT and CFTC. They withdrew following these agreements. As for the strikers, including the FO, they evoke great promises coming from the casino. The hope of a realization seems far away for them.

The management of the Deauville casino, through Jean-Charles Pitt, affirms that it is permanently open to social dialogue and that agreements have just been signed. During this day of strike, the casino was open. The arcades and slot machines were open. The two poker tournaments have not been canceled. As regards the employees and trade unionists, the strike continued into the evening. It should be remembered that layoffs are currently planned in some of the group’s casinos to focus on large establishments.