A Casino In The Gers Victim of A Robbery

The casino located in Castéra-Verduzan in the Gers has been robbed, according to the gendarmerie on the spot.

The establishment was still open when three men with guns and machetes suddenly disembarked. They then left with 12,000 euros. It is a spa village located in an exceptional location, in Auloue. It is located not far from a sulphurous land.

The facts took place over a weekend, a Saturday night. The robbery took place fairly quickly. The people who were present that day could not see their faces. Indeed, the criminals took care to hide their faces to avoid being recognized. That night from Saturday to Sunday, about fifteen customers were still present on the scene and attended the whole scene.

Likewise, employees were still there. They were 6 to attend without being able to do anything to the robbery of the casino of Castéra-Verduzan. One of them was the target of the 3 men. This is the cashier. However, no gunshot wounds were reported, as the guns were not used. However, they left with the money and then fled. According to the gendarmes, they were in a powerful car, allowing them to leave fairly quickly.

An investigation was thus opened in this case. The gendarmes of Toulouse and D’Auch are in charge of finding the 3 robbers. It should be noted that the casino currently has two Black Jack tables and 60 online casino malaysia slot machines.

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